The History Of CortanaBatch Arrolle

This page will walk you through the best versions of Arrolle - how it evolved from a piece of trash that nobody wanted to a product that would change the world we live in, nad the way we think about encryption.


The first version of Arrolle was not called "Arrolle"; rather, it was known as RSAEncryption.

The first version was not even written by CortanaBatch; it was actually taken from an application written by a Microsoft VP.

This first version was buggy, unpredictible, and sometimes did not work, yet it was the starting point for a product that would revolutionize the way we think about having security.


This second update to the first version, in addition to squishing some bugs, delivered a highly improved User Interface (UI). Basically, the app screen looked better.

It was a giant step forward.

Teal Copper []

This was the first version of Arrolle [ then RSAEncryption ] to sport a form to encrypt and secure valuable files instead of words.

But that buggy word - encrypting part [ which nobody wanted ] of Arrolle continued, unaffected -- to be removed later.

ISB []

ISB, successor to Teal Copper, was better not only in looks, but also in overall in performance. You could still encrypt words, but the file encrypting part was enboldened to do every job you wanted.

ISB was also the first version of Arrolle to be called "Arrolle" rather than "RSAEncryption".

BluePetal []

Compared to ISB, BluePetal was a VAST improvement. The ability to send emails, a "status" label, a new and improved instructions, the ability to export private keys, and a host of other features were added to BluePetal. Also, the word-encrypting feature was put out to pasture.

Arrolle Glorified.

RedBowl []

RedBowl squished some bugs that were causing problems, and also introduced a spiffy new "console" where you could see what the app was doing. But best of all, it enabled you (for once) to create RSA keys of your choice.


The newest version, better than ever. Coming soon to Windows download.