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Appstore » Arrolle » ArolleBugDataSubmittedExample

Here is an example of data Arrolle sends us when a crash occurs.

sys_info/monitorsize/{Width=1366, Height="768}/sys.dir/C:\WINDOWS\system32/machine.name/HOMESCHOOLWIN81/mem/62435328/
/OsVersion/Microsoft" Windows NT 6.2.9200.0/osv/2.0.50727.8745/UserName/shirl//HOMESCHOOLWIN81////pvi////
exception_val///Message/// Could not find file 'C:\DEV\VS\csharp\RSAEncryption\RSAEncryption\bin\Debug\chrome.exe'. ///end_e=UnhandledExceptionEventArgs args///END

sys_info:         is the computer specifications.

pvi:         is the version of Arrolle.

exception_val:        is the crash data.